Who remembers playing ‘name, place, animal, thing’ when they were younger? (hopefully not just me :-/ ). Anyway, (assuming I’m not the only one who played it) how much did you LOVE it?! I remember getting really into it when I was younger (stop lying mish, you still play it) and thinking of random words to use so I could show off my amazing vocab skillz infront of my friends (cringe). So, you’ve probably gathered by now that I’m overexcited, sad (as in lame), aaaand the randomest being on the planet…and i’ve decided to write a blog?! say whaaat! Highlight of my blog name is clearly THANG, makes me feel pretty groovy 😎 .

giphy (1)(and I totally thought of putting THANG instead of THING because i’m that cool and it’s not at all because ‘nameplaceanimalthing’ wasn’t available)

I’ve been planning on blogging for soooo long, I did have a few posts on blogspot but i decided to make a fresh start and try out wordpress! I’ll pretty much be rambling on about weird and wonderful things/thangs and somewhere in between I’ll be posting fashion and lifestyle related posts.

Hopefully you’ll find it a fun and interesting read, that’s if anyone decides to read it. oh god.

Got to end this post before I get too weird and you all start running off!

wish me luck! x giphy (2)

(who loves orange soda? 😉 )