sandals, shades and a satchel

These were my three staple items for my three day trip to London!

I’ve also been obsessing over a pink over coat these days, you’ve probably gathered if you’ve visited my instagram feed recently! Some refer to it as a ‘Kimono’ …

  1. a long, loose traditional Japanese robe with wide sleeves, tied with a sash.
    • a garment similar to a kimono worn elsewhere as a dressing gown.

…but I don’t see a traditional Japanese robe and I don’t see a sash either! so shall we just stick to overcoat? / duster coat?

anyway, here are my three London looks:



P1200817 (1)P1200820

I am far from an all black e’erythang type of girl, so when the suns out I take it as a perfect opportunity to wear as much colour as possible! It was sooo hot that day so the looser the clothes the better.

Culottes- Tesco

Batwing top- Matalan

Overcoat- TK Maxx

For my accessories I went all out, that’s one thing I love about London, you can dress as cray as you please. The funny thing is that they all happen to by birthday gifts both recent and old…and I love every single one of them 🙂

Sunglasses- Nicole Farhi

Necklace- River Island

Satchel- Zatchels

Watch- Swatch

Sandals- ASOS


11269452_10155725644110038_291721576_n (1)11334719_10155725644255038_1483030013_n (1)

Isn’t Westfield Shepherds Bush just the best place to shop…and eat!????

I think the outfit would have looked more summery if I wore a pair of cropped trousers or cigarette pants instead of black tights but thats all I had packed :/

Denim Pinafore- Dorothy Perkins

Printed sandals- Primark


On the last day I wore the same culottes and overcoat as the day before and matched a printed top with it! The top is supposed to be cropped but its UK size 20 and considering I am a size 10 I guess it didn’t look so cropped on me!

I also wore a choker that day but then it broke :(. Basically I sneezed and it snapped!!!!! SO funny, no idea I had such a hench neck/ strong neck muscles until now! So that’s why in the photos below I’m doing that weird arm pose as I’m trying to hold the choker together! p.s how tanned is my fod!!!!


Hope you liked my looks!

More to come! M. x



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