Cropped pants, wide trousers, cropped trousers, wide pants

culotte (kylɔt  feminine noun

  1. (= sous-vêtement) [de femme, enfant] pants pl (Brit), knickers pl (Brit), panties pl (US)

After discovering what culottes translate to in French, I’m not so keen on using the term to describe my trousers!

So I’ve been thinking what word to use instead…cropped pants? wide trousers? cropped trousers? wide pants? and back round again…still not decided.

Anyway, I adore these wide trousers and I’m so glad they’re back on trend for Autumn 2015, they’re loose, they’re cropped and they’re perfect for any occasion.

They say only certain people can pull of this look, but I’m one to try everything so oh well if I look like a hobbit in oversized pants, I’m still digging these thangss!

I got a couple from the high street and here’s how I brought runway looks home:


Nope, that’s not me on the left, thats Valentino!! (ha ha)

I paired a high neck batwing top to go with my culottes (£7 from tk maxx!!), they’re a light flowy material and match the top perfectly. I liked how the runway look paired the loose outfit with a sharp shiny pair of boots so I tried something similar!



The boxy look from Opening Cermony (right) inspired my second look. The thick material of the culottes and the quilted top (both from Dorothy Perkins) added to the stiff and boxy look I wanted. I wore my new long lace up boots with this outfit which makes it perfect for Autumn or a dull May day.


My favourite look is inspired by my love for C O L O U R and all shades of pink and orange! I tucked in an oversized camisole into my Tesco (yes Tesco) culottes, these are a scuba-like material so go with the flow but are also quite thick so maintain its shape. I wore this outfit for a little luncheon and chic-d it up with pink heeled sandals and a traditional jacket I got from Thailand back when I studied there. I bought the jacket from a local shop supporting the Hmong hill tribe in Northern Thailand, you can find similar things on all sorts of ebay/etsy websites. They maybe a little more expensive than what I got them for but I promise you won’t be disappointed. Hmong embroidery is stunning and if you love bright colours like me this is right up your street as they use pinks, reds, greens to produce stunning jackets, bags, dresses and even household items.

I hope you liked my looks! I wanted to take a lot more photos and produce a much more detailed post. But as always, everything comes at once and I didn’t have enough time! Next time, I guess!

Much Love

Mish X


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